Our Aims
There are three main things we, at Twilightshift, believe in with regard to web design. The site should be accessible and easy to navigate and use, should look professional and be in keeping with the company image and finally, not cost the earth to have in the first place!

Does it have to cost a fortune?
Too many web design companies charge a huge amount of money for their services knowing they are in a fairly captive market with little come back on their pricing. We
are of the opinion that ongoing business is our future and word of mouth the best marketing tool ever invented. Click here to see how our pricing compares.

Our Strengths
We design static HTML, e-commerce, database driven and Flash sites. All our sites are bespoke designed with your company 'look' and corporate image in mind. If you are looking to revitalise a tired looking site we can supply new graphics to enhance it and add additional functionality such as contact forms and better navigation. For more information or advice, please contact us here now.