Hosting your Website
We are a reseller for Fasthosts, one of the largest hosting companies in the UK and can, therefore, offer you a huge range of services. If you choose to let us build your website for you we will include a .com or domain free of charge for the first two years.

Transferring your Domain
If you have an existing domain we are able to transfer your domain to us when you use our services and unlike many other companies, we do not charge you silly amounts to do so. In fact our charge is zero, nada or in other words free! We will set up unlimited domain email addresses for you and can offer MS Exchange services.

Domain Services
We are able to offer a comprehensive range of domain services including dedicated servers, SQL databases, SSL encryption, Streaming media and Broadband connections. Our customers can also benefit from their own control panels allowing them complete control over their domain and email addresses. Webstats are also available giving you up to date information regarding visitors to your website. For more information or advice, please contact us here now.