Looking for a Web Presence on a Budget?
If you are looking at using the web to promote your business but can't justify the additional costs we are able to offer you what we call a template site. Put very simply it is a website with minimal information and graphics that allow customers to see basic information about your business.

What Do You Get?
The site we create for you will have a 'Home Page' where customers can get a flavour of your business, an 'About Us' page with an overview of your products and/or services and a 'Contact Us' page where they can send you an email message and find out your address and contact details.

Cost Effective Solution
To have your own template website the basic cost is £299.00 which includes up to 5 email addresses and a domain name (co.uk or .com) registered for two years. Additional features such as Search Engine Optimisation and Flash elements can be found in our pricing section. Please use our 'Contact Us' section to ask for more information.