Logo Design by Twilightshift
Logos can give a company an identity and the biggest companies in the world have logos that are identifiable instantly often without the name even being visible. We have produced logos for many of our clients with many asking us to come up with something unique as they often don't feel they would know where to start! We can produce from a drawing you may have, an idea or something as simple as a colour scheme. Just let us know what you are looking for and we will come up with something fresh and unique!
Pipeline Products Ltd

For use with their email marketing templates the new logo is more modern with the pipe effect at the end and use of softer colours rather than primary ones.

Click here for Pipeline Products Logo
DJ Retail Ltd

A simple design to give the company an identity
. The individual shop logos are all similar to signify belonging to the same company but having their own unique look.

Click here for DJ Retail Logo
Cornwall Cables

Again, a simple design (sometimes these are the most effective!)
with no fancy effects or colouring. This logo is used on comp slips, as an email footer and letterheads.

Click here for Cornwall Cables Logo