Having a Great Website is just the Start...
Imagine having a classic or supercar and wanting the whole world to see it but locking it in a garage never to be seen by anyone! That's what happens if you do not optimise your site and use the search engines to drive people to it!

Making your Website Relevant
For people to see your website it needs to be optimised so that when a search term is entered into one of the search engines, it is relevevant to your store content and therefore gets placed near the top of the search results. Whatever people may tell you the only way to get good results for your site is with good initial optimisation and non reciprocal linking as recommended by following guidelines set down by Google etc.

Ongoing Optimisation
Once you site has ranking and is where you want it the next step is to keep it there with regular updates and fresh content. When the search engines visit the site again they will see it has been updated and will in turn increase its relevance in the search listings. Only this will keep it high in the results pages - Contact us to see how we can help you build your web presence and exposure.