Logo Design
Are you still using Word to design your logo? If you are looking at this you probably realise the importance of what a good logo can do for a business and how it can make customers, new and old, more aware of you and your services.

Starting from Scratch
Maybe you have an old logo that needs modernising, or an idea or concept in your head that you aren't able to realise yourself. Whatever it is we can take your idea and develop it into a logo that fits with your company image.

What makes a Good Logo?
There are five principles to effective logo design - Simple, Memorable, Timeless, Versatile and Appropriate. If you can combine all of these you are on your way to producing a great logo. Many people are under the impression creating a new logo is easy and takes five minutes. Whilst some people are happy to open Word up and use the 'bevel' effect to add some 'effect' to their name most people can see in seconds this has been done and question if the work offered is of the same quality. For a professional approach to your new logo please call or email us to discuss further.